WiFi Wireless Hotspots

WiFi Wireless Hotspots

Do you want to create a wireless hotspot in your place of business?  Let us help…. We can create a plan that suits your needs.  Whether you want to provide your customers with a free connection or paid, we have the right solution for you.

We provide all the hardware and programming all for a small monthly fee. We can also remotely monitor the network and react if there are any issues.  Your WiFi for your customers can also be configured to only use a specific amount of your internet bandwidth, not to take away  what you need to run your business.  Tube-e can also install a second fail over/load balancing internet connection so there will be more bandwidth available and if one link fails there is a backup.

Hotspot can be setup so it does a write to their Facebook wall before allowing free internet while at your location. This gives you a wide range of free advertising.

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Some of the many different solutions that are available for Free or Paid Wi-Fi.

  • Basic

    Easy access for users: they have to accept the terms and click on login.

  • Social

    Guests need to LIKE your page on Facebook or post a message to their walls.

  • Vouchers

    Limit accesses by distributing unique voucher codes within a predefined time or data usage.

  • SMS

    Access can be requested to mobile phones via SMS.

  • Family

    Enable parental controls by giving vouchers to your kids which allows them to use Wi-Fi for a limited time.


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