Server/System/Network Monitoring Service

Server/System/Network Monitoring Service

Advanced System Monitoring

Fix minor glitches before they become major emergencies. Gain instant insight into your web server environment with Tube-e’s web server and other services system monitoring. Round-the-clock system monitoring lets you address potential problems before they occur.

Why consider Advanced System Monitoring?

  • You need to verify service availability/up-time
  • You would like to keep track of web server resources and identify usage trends
  • You suspect a bottleneck related to system resources
  • You need to perform capacity planning for future growth


  • SNMP Support – With our Advanced System Monitoring service we provide a pure SNMP agent; no proprietary protocols. This allows you to add your own additional 3rd party monitoring applications if needed.
  • Lightweight Footprint – With an average of less than 1% CPU utilization and 3MB memory, our monitoring service has a negligible system impact.
  • Complement Existing Tools – Our services provide information that can send industry standard SNMP traps to any SNMP-compliant NMS, enabling you to preserve your existing operational workflow and investment in other management software.
  • Exportable Reports – Reports can be exported in PDF or Plain Text format.

Services monitored for availability

  • HTTP – Standard Web Services (this can further be configured to look for a specific word on a page)
  • HTTPS – Secure Web Services
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol Services
  • SQL – Database Services

Web server resources monitored


  • CPU Utilization – Observe CPU Utilization on a per-processor basis.
  • Disk Partition Storage Space available – Track disk usage by partition to ensure you do not run out of storage space.
  • Physical free memory (in bytes) – Monitor available memory to identify when additional memory is required.
  • Network interface utilization – Measure the utilization on your web server’s network interface card.
  • High utilization can cause slow server response.Available reports
    • At-a-Glance Report – A single page report that provides a summary view of the performance and availability of key web server resources, displayed in chart format.
    • Trend Report – Analyzes the performance of a resource or a group of resources based on specific variables.
    • Top N Report – A tabular report that lists all elements which meet certain user-defined report criteria.
    • MyHealth Report – From the web interface users can create a customized report that focuses on the most critical information in terms of web server performance and availability.
    • What-If Report – An interactive web-based tool that allows you to perform capacity planning and situational trend analysis.


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